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Bugs Hunter is the first testers Professional Employers Organization (PEO) in Africa. It enables other businesses to "borrow" its certified software testers to work on their projects for a defined period of time, based on a comprehensive financial plan. The Tunisian-based company offers first-rate QA testing services that satisfy both the implicit and explicit requirements of your products, resulting in a seamless process with successful outcomes, for those who do not want to go through a costly testers recruitment process.  

Welcome to Bugs Hunter

The all-inclusive QA testing services provider

Founded in 2021 and based in Tunisia, Bugs Hunter is your go-to destination for software quality assurance. With global QA resources offering more than 12 QA Testing Services and covering all time zones, Bugs Hunter is expanding its footprint in the Testing space, paving its way toward a solid regional and global presence With a team of qualified software testers and project managers with vast experience handling software testing in Europe, we enable businesses to "rent" our qualified testers and get the most out of them.

Why Choose us ?

This is how we do it

Bugs Hunter offers professional quality assurance testing services to guarantee the correct operation of mobile and desktop applications, as well as the responsiveness of websites and mobile applications on various devices.

Our primary goal is to thoroughly validate every aspect of the products to reduce their defects, using cutting-edge techniques like penetration testing to close security gaps using both automated and manual processes, as well as re-running functional and non-functional tests to check for bugs or breaks in new code.

Web Testing

Monitors compatibility with browsers, accessibility, performance, speed, search engine rank,

App Testing

App QA testing evaluates its quality, by end-to-end testing for proper downloading, functioning, usability, and UI/UX stability to make an app immaculate.

E-commerce Testing

Examines user experience, responsiveness, data security, and load time, and ensures secure transactions within the website or app.

Our vision

We craft bright future

Our work revolves around maintaining our business growth and providing solutions that are both high-quality and reasonably priced. We consider Bugs Hunter to be a valuable resource because it promotes and instructs QA professionals all over the world, and we are planning to make it real by setting up these goals:  

Creativity and Innovation

Empowering our staff members to think outside the box and exceed our customer’s expectations.

The team comes first

We recognize talents and push towards group unity to ensure stability in the long term.


We follow a considerable approach to describing things as they are, with realistic reports and honest updates.


Customers are business partners that are meant to receive maximum ROI in us and the services we provide.

Our Clients

We work with
20+ clients

We follow a continuously improving task-handling process, resulting in a growing client and partner base.

Understanding the client's need and following up with the right plan and choosing the most suitable minds to work on it has always been our main objectives, alongside competitive quoting and ongoing availability for lag-free communication between us.

Projects Completed
Industries we serve

Why us ?

We have allied ourselves with a number of QA automation industry leaders because we are aware that the success of both us and our clients frequently depends on strategic partnerships. We cover more than 10 test automation options, such as test virtualization, performance, security, and functional testing tools, as well as test data and defect management software. We are positioned to achieve more for our partners, guarantee better Returns on their Investment, and ensure transparent reports and updates for a smooth user experience for their clients.


Hear it from them

" They have a lot of confidence in what they do, with tailored reports that were customized specifically based on our preferences and chosen metrics"

Vana Mansfield CEO

" Well, All I can say is that they were the right ones for my business. A startup with a well-established mindset and a professional communication approach based on simplifying all the news and updates"

Olivier Durand Project Manager

" I have an E-commerce website, I have never thought of solving its bugs and issues until I met with them. They have offered innovative solutions to fix bugs and predict upcoming ones. Hallelujah!” "

Tobias Entrepreneur

We keep it professional, building a strong bond with our client on a step-by-step basis, the same as Test Case Steps.

” They might have oversimplified some steps and procedures in fundamental meetings, but I never missed a clue due to their effective communication and agile management. “

Salma Banoun

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